I’m Robyn
Celebrant &
in Sydney



Hello!  I’m Robyn. I’m so sorry you are here at this difficult time – but now that you are, I’d like to help.

If you have lost a loved one , or you’re trying to plan for a Sydney Funeral Service or Memorial Ceremony and you need an experienced celebrant that really cares, talk to me.

With over thirteen years experience as a professional marriage and funeral celebrant, I have seen the greatest of joys and the worst of sadness. I have held the hands of so many, through all stages of life experience. I have celebrated some truly amazing people. I have helped to bring together hundreds of others and each time we take the smallest of steps towards saying goodbye. Funerals are the most important work that I do.

I can help you plan and organise everything – from start to finish, doing as much – or as little  – as you need me to. I will help you write your eulogy, if you need help. I can assist with ideas, readings and rituals. I’ll be there to support your funeral director and your family members . I will write and perform a non-religious funeral service, life celebration or memorial ceremony  that brings everyone closer. In fact, I will do just about anything that makes this experience a little less traumatic for you.

Call me. Any time. I’m here.

0413 886 026