All About Robyn

Here’s what I  hear a lot.

“But Robyn – don’t you only do weddings?” and

“Robyn, aren’t you too bubbly for a funeral?”The straight answer is no. To both.

It’s absolutely no secret that I love weddings – but I’m here to support you –

through all stages of life – so that includes loss.

I’m here to drop everything  – just to help you through the best of times –

and, sometimes, the worst.

I’m here to throw as much energy and love and care in your direction that I possibly can,

With every funeral – or memorial  – service I  perform, I learn a little more about human nature. I learn more about myself, too.

I’ve learnt that at the terrible, troubling, traumatic time of loss, I am exactly what you need.

I will listen to you – and write and perform the service that your loved one deserves; the way you want it performed.

I have hugged a lot of people that needed to be hugged. I have encouraged and supported those that really needed it. I’ve held a lot of shaky hands and passed a lot of tissues. I’ve helped families negotiate their way through the whole process – and when it was over, I’ve been here, still.

Most importantly, I have always believed that the right people will find me, at the right time- and they always do.