Tap a Little Contribution (how to crowd-fund your funeral)

For so long, I have worried about my families and how they would have to find the money for a funeral at what is often a very difficult time, and sometimes, an entirely unexpected one, too.

This idea makes my heart sing! It’s so simple, so obvious, and so necessary – especially in these uncertain times.

My friends at Sydney Funerals Co  not only share my wish for transparency in funeral costs and real funeral affordability, they’ve come up with a wonderful, practical way to make that happen.

Tap a Little Contribution (TLC)  allows family and friends to donate towards the cost of the funeral service, to the family in need – or, if that family prefers, to the charity of their choice. It’s super fast, easy and anonymous.

If you have chosen to let Scott and his team at Sydney Funerals Co assist you, TLC is available to you, at no additional cost.

Should they want to do something, your family, colleagues, community and friends can choose to give a little or to give a lot, (there are no rules, no hard sell, no pushy guidelines) but whatever they choose will go directly to the cost of the funeral, the wake, to you, or to a charity of your choice.

This is crowd-funding for good, at it’s best and most transparent. People really do want to help. Let them.

You can choose from a link via email, or a terminal set up at the funeral itself – or both.



*Merchant fees of 2.2% are unavoidable, but Sydney Funeral Co do not charge any admin fees on top. They care, too*