About Veronica’s memorial


– from Imogen

We approached Robyn to act as a celebrant for my mother’s memorial service and she was such an angel. I knew right away she was the sort of person my mother would have loved. We adored her and she was so unbelievably helpful. The service was perfect, she helped plan something entirely customised to our mum’s personality and beliefs, and we are so happy that we found her. ‘Funeral Angel’ is such an accurate way to describe her.

About Dominique’s funeral


– from Diane

“Saint Robyn of West Ryde! We can’t thank you enough for the perfect ceremony. Everyone there was singing your praises and Dom would have loved your outfit!”

– from Brendan and Laura

“Once again, we thank you so very much for everything yesterday. We know Dom would have loved it! It was lovely to see such a big turnout, as you know we were worried not many would show. The family were all very pleased with how the service went, and are so grateful for you.”

 – from Andy &  Lisa

“Dear Robyn,  thank YOU!  You are a wonderful person. You were absolutely the right person for Dom’s ceremony, and understood her so well. Thanks so much for bringing everything together, and for making it an easier process for us. None of us will ever forget what a special and beautiful service it was.
Many thanks, and love”

About Brigitte’s memorial service


– from Stephen

“Robyn. You were awesome. Thank you for putting together such a beautiful reading for Mum. You absolutely did her justice under time constraints that boggle my mind – even with other functions you had to juggle. Just incredible.”

– from Tiana

“Thank you for delivering such a great eulogy for my Mum. She would have loved it. You did a fantastic job, so many people said so.”

– from John

I wanted to thank you personally for the wonderful service you gave for Brigitte. It went very smoothly and exactly the right atmosphere to farewell my beloved. Thank you again for your guidance and the wonderful words. I’m so glad we chose you.”

About Derek’s Funeral


– from Jade

“When my husband died it was sudden and totally unexpected. I found myself going from planning his 30th birthday celebration to his funeral. All I knew was that the day had to reflect him, as the wonderful young man that he was. To do this I knew I needed a celebrant who really cared. Robyn had married my best friend the year before and her ability to tell the story of their relationship made her my only choice. I wanted someone to tell my husband’s story.

I knew Robyn didn’t do funerals at this point but she agreed to help us. Thinking back now on how busy she was and how much time she spent getting to know about us all, her commitment was extraordinary. Robyn became part of our family, shared our loss and comforted us at our time of need. I knew I could trust her to honour my husband properly. Robyn ran the funeral both professionally and with heart. She read my eulogy for me and removed so much of the stress from an already painful day. We all simply knew that she would take care of the day. I had so many people comment on how well she ran the service and how it was perfect for my husband. I totally agree with them. Robyn with her commitment, professionalism and heart made one of the hardest times of my life just that much easier and I will forever be grateful to her for it.”

About Baby River’s funeral

– From Mel

Thank you Robyn for helping our family and my sister and brother in law create the perfect service for my nephew, River. You connected so well with my sister and her thoughts/feelings and even with last second changes (which shows just how adaptable you are) and some pressures, you spoke amazingly. It could not have been done any better in such a highly charged emotional time for all.

Thank you so much from my family to yours💙

About Liu Xue Wen’s funeral


From Jenny

Many, many thanks for your service, Robyn. Our whole family all loved this funeral. (Our very first Australian funeral.) You did very well and we are so appreciative of you.

About Julia’s beachside memorial service


from Monique

Robyn, you are quite simply the BEST celebrant in the country. If anybody is looking for a person to  bring out the very best in any service, you are it…..

Robyn, you have a gift. A gift for words, a gift for people and a gift in your easy delivery.

You balance gravitas while being incredibly warm. You always strike the exact right tone.

You have a wonderful sense of humour and you know just the right way to use it appropriately. You also have an extraordinary ability to encapsulate a person, a couple or a situation. You relate to everyone.

I  want to tell people…..

Robyn is whip smart and there is nothing she can’t handle.

I have been fortune enough to witness several of Robyn’s services. She connects immediately with people. The way she relates to the families is something to behold. At a time which is so important to get it right, Robyn delivers with style, every-time. Her capabilities know no bounds.

Not only that- she is one of the most organised and proactive operators I’ve ever witnessed. Nothing is too much trouble. I have watched her deal with issues and challenges with ease. Her ability to manage any situation makes her one of a kind. People love her. With good reason, she is amazing.

Just book Robyn. She is one of a kind. I enthusiastically recommend her wholeheartedly. It will be the best decision you make.

Monique Wright

About Giselle’s Memorial Service


From Susie

No doubt you could feel we all truly loved Giselle, all so very, very sad, but you navigated that sadness so gently, so quite a party & “celebration” followed. I know Dave was extremely grateful for you and amazed about how you spoke about her essence. To quote Dave you almost “stole his thunder” but agreed you made yesterday so much easier for him. I’m sure we could almost hear Giselle singing out to the sound & photo guy to obey your hand signals.
Carpe diem
From Jenny  &  Tim

Robyn, I know your information came from David, but you really put it together well to give an excellent picture of Giselle. So many people afterwards commented on that and how you made everyone feel welcome and part of the ceremony.

Your warm nature really helped David through what is obviously a very stressful time.


About Ted’s memorial and scattering of ashes


From Marian

There are no words to describe my gratitude to you.

I felt the spirit of recognition, love, courage and dignity that you brought to the farewell of my Ted. I will eternally be indebted to you for your professional care and attention to detail. My family and friends appreciated your efforts too .

And all commented on the spirit of the evening; from the unforgettable timing of the sunset to the nudie popping up out of nowhere, Ted would have had a good laugh at that moment ♥️

From Liz

Thanks Robyn! You really have been an angel and your help at such a time has been so amazing!Don’t know what we would have done without you and on the day it all went so smoothly.

From Alice
This was so beautiful and very touching to my heart.
Really appreciate your hard work into planning this beautiful day and the booklet we will cherish forever.Xxxx

About Sue’s funeral


-from Joanna

It has been almost a month since we farewelled my Aunty Sue. I  can’t thank you enough for your kindness and your generosity to gift your talents to my family. She would have loved to have seen all the colour and the fuss. It was wonderful. You really are an amazing person.

About Pat’s Funeral


from Annaliesse &  Craig

We could not recommend you as a funeral celebrant highly enough. New to the funeral planning nightmare as I was, you were a calm, patient and reassuring voice throughout. You went to enormous trouble to make sure you understood who it was we were farewelling. You spoke with warmth, love and genuine empathy. You went above and beyond to ensure that every detail of the funeral service went without a hitch – no small feat in Covid times.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Robyn for all that you did for us, in such a dark moment.


About Rosa’s Funeral

from John and Connie
We wanted to both thank you for such a wonderful funeral service.
It  was exactly what we wanted for mum and I know she would have been very happy .
It would not have come together without you – and we can’t thank you enough for that .
Many people who attended let me know what a beautiful service they thought it was. Very different to what they are used to but perhaps now they have experienced just how positive and uplifting a service can be. It was a true celebration of a beautiful life.
We thank you for everything

About Stephen’s memorial service


from Cathy-

Robyn, thank you so much for today. It all went so well and I think Steve would have been very pleased with how it all turned out. Very fitting for the person he was. Interspersed with smiles and laughter throughout the day. You made the day so very special and we knew that we were in good hands with you at such a sad time for us. You made it all that much easier. XoX 


About John’s Funeral


from Tania

Robyn, thank you for everything you did for us in farewelling our amazing father, husband, brother and son! It was a very sad time for all of the family and your thought and care made a very difficult day so much easier!

From all of us……Thank you!

About Nagyi’s Funeral


From Ilona

Robyn, you made all the difference at my Grandmother’s funeral service.
From being available at the eleventh hour, to late evening chats, to catering for our specific and custom requirements… Robyn, you just understood what we were after.. and you went above and beyond to deliver.
You spoke with heart and passion. You genuinely cared about the ceremony and did everything in your power to ensure it ran as seamlessly as possible.

My uncle, mum and dad both specifically commented on how wonderful you were in putting together such a personalised and meaningful presentation.

Nagyi would have loved it! I couldn’t recommend you enough.. Forever grateful and so happy we connected.
Thank you Robyn – from the entire family


About Yong Qun’s funeral

 – from Jonathan
Dear Robyn
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my family for the amazing role you played today. We were honoured to have you as our celebrant. We could not have picked a more perfect person to farewell my Father. He would be smiling down on us now.  Thank you, Robyn for your hard work and efforts in helping us find closure and comfort for our Father.
-from Cherie

Robyn, it is you that we need to thank the most. You conducted my late husband’s funeral seamlessly. It is a great relief to us and the best possible goodbye we could wish to present to him. We thank you so much.

About Sara’s Pre-planned Celebration of Life In The park

from Mat –
Thank you so much for all your efforts in planning and organising Sara’s celebration, and for all that you did yesterday. I can’t imagine how it could have gone any better, which is mainly down to you (and of course, Sara.) It really was a fantastic day.
From Max
Thank you again for everything you did for Sara’s celebration on Friday. We think it worked out just how Sara had planned it and would have been so happy with everything. You did so much, and did it so well, and we’re so grateful for everything you did.