How to decorate

I  would always urge you to make the funeral space, and the service, feel as personalised as you can. Wherever we are, we can make that environment reflect the personality and the interests of your loved one.

For example…

Perhaps, they were a lover of 80s pop music, loved dancing and sequins and high heels.  I’d say display their favourite shoes, a poster from their days as a tragic Wham fan. Hang that sparkly skirt. Make a montage of their selfies and photos. Use flowers of bright colours. Ask the guests to wear their best going out clothes.

If they were a mad rugby league –  or football – fan, bring out the team colours. Lay a team flag over the coffin. Play the team song. Ask guests to sign a jersey. Place their football boots beside the coffin. Serve pies and sauce after the service.

For a passionate animal lover, a photo of their beloved dog or cat, by the coffin. Collect donations to RSPCA in lieu of flowers.

For a gardener, ask guests to bring a flower from their own garden and lay them over the coffin – or use them to create a big bunch of flowers. Choose their favourite plants and fill the space with them. Give guests a tree to plant in their honour. Put gumboots and a shovel by the wall.

A passionate photographer’s work should be displayed. Create an additional slideshow of their work, and show it as guests make their way in and out. Enlarge some of their works and make the space feel like a gallery. Put their camera by their side.

There are no end to the ways you can personalise a space. I’ll even help you set it up.