Why choose your funeral celebrant?

Why choose your funeral celebrant, yourself?

I know, it’s so much easier to let a funeral home just “get somebody for you”. They know what they’re doing, right?

Yes – they absolutely do. They know all about paperwork, and legalities – and how to take care of your loved one. That’s their thing. They do that every day. They are good, kind people.

But a celebrant – a really good, experienced, caring celebrant can change the whole experience, for everyone.

This is the one part of the process, worth paying extra for.

Imagine gathering everyone together – to celebrate the life of a person you all loved dearly – only to find that that service could have been for anybody. That not enough time – or care – or TLC – was given to ensure that every element was right.

That’s not what anybody wants – not when you really think about it.

Choose your own celebrant. Somebody that will listen to you – really listen- and devote all their energy, all their care to you, in this awful time.

Somebody like me.