About Julia’s beachside memorial service

from Monique

Robyn, you are quite simply the BEST celebrant in the country. If anybody is looking for a person to  bring out the very best in any service, you are it…..

Robyn, you have a gift. A gift for words, a gift for people and a gift in your easy delivery.

You balance gravitas while being incredibly warm. You always strike the exact right tone.

You have a wonderful sense of humour and you know just the right way to use it appropriately. You also have an extraordinary ability to encapsulate a person, a couple or a situation. You relate to everyone.

I  want to tell people…..

Robyn is whip smart and there is nothing she can’t handle.

I have been fortune enough to witness several of Robyn’s services. She connects immediately with people. The way she relates to the families is something to behold. At a time which is so important to get it right, Robyn delivers with style, every-time. Her capabilities know no bounds.

Not only that- she is one of the most organised and proactive operators I’ve ever witnessed. Nothing is too much trouble. I have watched her deal with issues and challenges with ease. Her ability to manage any situation makes her one of a kind. People love her. With good reason, she is amazing.

Just book Robyn. She is one of a kind. I enthusiastically recommend her wholeheartedly. It will be the best decision you make.

Monique Wright