About Giselle’s Memorial Service

From Susie

No doubt you could feel we all truly loved Giselle, all so very, very sad, but you navigated that sadness so gently, so quite a party & “celebration” followed. I know Dave was extremely grateful for you and amazed about how you spoke about her essence. To quote Dave you almost “stole his thunder” but agreed you made yesterday so much easier for him. I’m sure we could almost hear Giselle singing out to the sound & photo guy to obey your hand signals.
Carpe diem
From Jenny  &  Tim

Robyn, I know your information came from David, but you really put it together well to give an excellent picture of Giselle. So many people afterwards commented on that and how you made everyone feel welcome and part of the ceremony.

Your warm nature really helped David through what is obviously a very stressful time.