About Dominique’s funeral

– from Diane

“Saint Robyn of West Ryde! We can’t thank you enough for the perfect ceremony. Everyone there was singing your praises and Dom would have loved your outfit!”

– from Brendan and Laura

“Once again, we thank you so very much for everything yesterday. We know Dom would have loved it! It was lovely to see such a big turnout, as you know we were worried not many would show. The family were all very pleased with how the service went, and are so grateful for you.”

 – from Andy &  Lisa

“Dear Robyn,  thank YOU!  You are a wonderful person. You were absolutely the right person for Dom’s ceremony, and understood her so well. Thanks so much for bringing everything together, and for making it an easier process for us. None of us will ever forget what a special and beautiful service it was.
Many thanks, and love”